Emulate User Group Meeting 2022

October 4-6 Nashville, TN

REGISTRATION for the 2022 Emulate3D User Group Meeting is NOW OPEN! This year, come join us to share, learn, and celebrate your success as an Emulate3D software user. The event will be held at the Graduate Hotel, Nashville, Tennesse, October 4-6.

The Emulate3D User Group Meeting features 3 full days of training and presentations designed specifically to inform, educate and, yes, even entertain. And don't forget our welcome reception on the evening of Tuesday, October 3rd, and a great dinner event overlooking Nashville's famous Broadway on the night of Wednesday, October 5th, sponsored by our friends at Automation Intelligence.

This year promises to be our most exciting Emulate3D User Group Meeting yet. See you in Nashville!

Emulate3D 2021 Virtual User Group Meeting

We hope you enjoyed it - thanks for coming!
The Emulate3D 2021 Virtual User Group Meeting was November 17-19

What was the User Group Meeting about?

The Emulate3D 2021 Virtual User Group Meeting was designed for both new and experienced users. The event demonstrated recent and upcoming developments, including Emulate3D running on the cloud connected to the Rockwell Automation virtual controller, Echo, robot functionality upgrades, new device emulation, and much more.

Industry-leading companies walked through real-life examples of how they successfully implemented Emulate3D technology and benefit from using it for their automation projects. 

This year companies presenting their work included Dematic, Honeywell Intelligrated, Indicon, Fives Conveyors, Dorner, Automation Intelligence, Infinity MEC, The Dennis Group, and Haskell. 

The Emulate3D Training Day contains something for everyone and is designed to introduce users to new features and best practice. These tutorials will guide you step by step through the features, helping you learn how to put all these great developments to use. All content offered before and at the event will remain accessible to attendees for six months following the event.

Interested in presenting at the 2022 User Group Meeting? It's never too early

Emulate3D User Group Meetings are a great place to demonstrate what your company is doing with Emulate3D technology. Every year attendees see useful examples of how all kinds of companies are using it to do cost-effective and interesting automation projects. It's never been easier to participate as a presenter and we'll even waive the registration fee if your presentation is accepted!

Click here to contact us now to find out more.

If you want to discuss the real meaning of a Dynamic Digital Twin and how it can benefit your company, then this is your opportunity!

Emulate3D 2021 Virtual User Group Meeting

We ran sessions online for four hours per day, with short breaks. If you are in the US, these sessions will begin at 8am EST, and if you are in Europe, they'll start at 1pm UK time. If you have questions during the presentations please ask them in chat, and we'll do our best to answer them live, or get back to you right after.

Being virtual doesn't mean we can't be more interactive, so the training day will feature live demonstrations influenced by your questions on chat. Not only will we reply to your requests, but we'll also be demonstrating how the product can do what you request, wherever possible.

We recognize that users are interested in different aspects of the technology, so we'll be running several tracks in parallel, with switchover times, so you can focus on those parts of the products you are particularly interested in.

Emulate3D technical presentations will be supplemented with further online presentations available exclusively to registered attendees after each session, and these will remain available to attendees for six months following the event.

How Do I Present At The Emulate3D 2022 User Group Meeting?

Emulate3D User Group Meetings are a great place to demonstrate what your company is doing with Emulate3D technology. Every year attendees see great examples of how all kinds of companies are using it to do cost-effective and interesting automation projects. It's never been easier to participate as a presenter and we'll even waive the registration fee if your presentation is accepted!
Contact us now to find out more.

All of the Emulate3D 2021 Virtual User Group content will remain available to registered attendees for several months following the event.

Pre-Virtual UGM Training Workshop

Like this, but at your home or office

As in previous years, the first day will feature training on a broad range of key parts of the products to keep your technical skills sharp in several high-value and interactive sessions run by our experienced trainers.

The workshop sessions will focus on developing skills to get the most out of the new features in the upcoming 2021 release, as well as developing your best practice reflexes.

Training Workshop comprises:

  • Build an automated Pizza line with conveyors and robotics using the Robot Framework
  • Learn to seamlessly integrate simulated robots with Independent Cart Systems
  • Try out the exciting new Robot Move types supported by the Robot Framework
  • Learn how to create and use a custom robot tool with multiple load handlers
  • Build an optimized Sawtooth Merge using the new components in Package Manager
  • Compare and contrast different automation systems using the new Sim3D Data Collection tools
  • Use the Wire Diagram system to create functional links between model components
  • Learn how to sketch a path with C# script
  • Learn how to script a Custom Aspect for use with Controls Testing
  • Integrate a custom CITM mechanism with core conveyors and protocols
  • Use the Asset Manager plugin to improve your model updating workflows
  • Get to know some Powerful Logic Structures in Flow Control

  • If you'd like training at any level, from refresher to advanced, in the use of any Emulate3D products, contact us now.

    Hear what previous attendees had to say about the UGM:

    Emulate3D 2020 Versions are Now Available

    New features and functionality are now available to help you enhance your workflow and make your job even easier than before.

    Whether you use Emulate3D Controls Testing, Sim3D, Demo3D, or Layout3D, there are plenty of new and exciting features for you to explore and put to good use in the 27-page What's New in 2020 download (click here to request it now). Or go straight to the Webstore and access the download now -> Software Download -> Download Information for 2020.

    If your license is currently not under Maintenance and Support, take a look at the exciting developments and request an offer to get back on support. We'll help you get back up and running with the latest version of your Emulate3D license.

    2021 User Presentations Included


    Cathryn Yong, presenter for Indicon, states, "We use Emulate3D to build Digital Twins of our equipment on the floor and commission it virtually. As the world of digital twins continues to grow, we are developing new components to fulfill the needs of our customers.

    Our presentation will highlight some of the more recent pieces that were built and show how Emulate3D helped us to assist the mechanical team with their final design and in virtual commissioning."


    Kraig Rotman, presenter for Dematic states  - The presentation will show:
  • Auto-generation of conveyor emulation models using engineering design data
  • Use of modular catalogs to eliminate custom scripting in models and enable auto-generation (including drives, estops, conveyor)
  • Using VisualAspects for extending visual design properties
  • Modeling emulation to reflect on-site comm-issioning workflow and tools

  • Showcasing: The Dematic MDR architecture

    The Dennis Group

    Mati Chessin, presenter, states, "A large parcel delivery company contracted us to simulate multiple large-scale distribution systems. A number of models were built to test the effectiveness of various designs before implementation in facilities across the country. Systems were tested that separately handled two different categories of packages, utilizing equipment that could merge, singulate, and sort. Systems were tested in both linear physics to assess shift-long utilization and volumetric physics to troubleshoot bottlenecks and jams. This presentation will be a retrospective of all the models built for this client, explaining the various designs, how they were simulated, the tools developed, and the results produced."

    We'd like to thank the following great companies for their ongoing support at various trade shows:

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